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I  live in Rijeka (Croatia), work as a web designer and study electrical engineering.

Although I knew I would study something related to technology ever since I got my first computer (at age 11), art has always been my hobby. I haven't been drawing that much until recently, but I enjoyed sewing clothes and accessories, crafting jewelry, dolls and decorative objects, painting on silk, etc.

I started designing web sites in high school, and I've been doing it for over 7 years at first as a hobby, and later as a professional freelance web designer.

I am self-taught in drawing and design. I use both traditional and digital tools, and most of the time I combine the two with photography.

My images are usually packed with symbolic details, and rely heavily on references from various mythologies. While some people commented on my art as being "weird" or even "sick", it's actually getting these things out of my mind that's keeping me a healthy, balanced individual.