Test logfile

This is a really simple script which will e-mail you logs of
who is accessing your site. It does not require images to be
loaded or J(ava)Script to be enabled on the users browser. All
the processing is done server-side, so you will even see when a
search engine accesses your site.

The script can be configured to send 1 e-mail for each access or
to batch them up, e.g. send e-mail when there are 10 log records
in the file.
The results, which will be e-mailed, look something like this:

Time: 2001-03-18 10:15
Referer: http://www.z-add.co.uk/index.php3
IP:, Host: theuser.co.uk
With: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)
Page: /yourpage.php3

This script is not meant to replace server logs. However, it is
suitable for people who need a quick and simple record of their
site's usage without a full analysis of the server's logs.