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Speed and accessibility!

This website template is made for all of you who want a quick-loading and solid XHTML/CSS website with light use of images and a strong focus on accessibility. The template conforms to the WCAG 1.0 Triple-A rating, and it works in all common browser types.

Short biography | Partly in Russian

Teacher for physically and mentally handicapped young people.
Early retired 2002.
Today freelancer (Internet service).
Married, two daughters.
Residence: Near Kiel (FRG).

Programming in C, Pascal, VB, Java, PHP

Old CMS version
Short biography in Russian Short biography in Russian [ Old CMS version ]

Russian language and literature...

Здравствуйте, дорогие Русские друзья
Это будет только очень скоро жизнеописание.
Пожалуйста, извините моего плохого русского.

Родипся Я в Калининграде.
Уже несколько лет я живу в Зеленте.
Зелент находится на Килье (Гамбург).
Моя профессия учетель,
но я уже на пенсии.
Сегодня я работаю как программник для интернета.
(049) 04384-1042

Я свободно гоборю по-английски,
нелпоха владею французким языком,
но больше всего люблю русский язык

Меня интересует:
иностранные языки
Русская литература
играть в шахматы
лрограммировать (Java,Php)

Моя борзая

Viklund speaking

Why should I avoid frames in my Web site?

Some Web browsers don't support frames. For this reason, if you do decide to use frames, you should at least provide an additional non-frames version of your Web site.
Badly designed (i.e., most) sites with frames allow the documents inside a page's frames to change, while the URL for the page stays the same. Thus, documents inside frames are not properly bookmarkable, and search engines cannot properly index them.
Bookmarking or indexing will either point to a page which contains the wrong (framed) documents, or point to a document without the surrounding frames to give it a context. Why waste all of these valuable visits to your site?
Frames are dependent on screen size, so your page will sometimes look terrible on a differently sized screen. There is no reliable way for Web surfers to predict the behavior of a site which has frames. Clicking on something in frame A can cause frame B to update, or could cause frame C to update.
Frames waste valuable screen space. Once a document is constrained inside a frame, it is practically impossible for most Web surfers to pop that document out to use the entire window.
Frames are #1 in the Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design.
Frames are #1 in The Top Fifteen Mistakes of First Time Web Design.
There are many more reasons to avoid frames.

What is 'accessibility' and why is it important?

Accessibility is about making your website available and understandable for everyone, including users with disabilities. W3 explains it in a great way at the Web Accessibility Initiative.

This template allows visitors to use the following accesskeys:
1 - Back to top | 2 - Skip to site menu | 3 - Skip to main content | 4 - Return to index.html

You can easily change these or add more accesskeys to make the site fit your needs, for example to allow easy access to each site menu link. Adding a logical tab order is recommended! And finally: the template allows browser-based font resizing, making sure that site visitors can enlarge the font size without breaking the page layout in any way.

Open source is freedom!

If you like this layout and would like to use it in any way, you are free to do so. This design is released as open source, which means that you are free to make any changes you may want to. I kindly ask that you leave the "Design by Andreas Viklund" link in the footer, but you are free to remove it if you want (or need) to. If you use this design for commercial purposes, please consider making a symbolic donation through Andreas Viklund WebSite.

Good luck with your new design!

Additional information: Download more Viklunds website templates from!